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Stenella Antiques & Interiors offers consignment services for clients wishing to sell furniture pieces consistent with our current inventory and offerings. Items must be approved prior to drop-off or pickup. We are looking for well cared for, quality furniture to be offered for sale through eBay, on our website or on display in our showroom. Commission rates are 40%, which includes minor cleanup, photography, marketing, and all selling fees from the multiple third party selling platforms we use. Also includes, credit card processing, storage and shipping logistics for buyers. Shipping to our warehouse and additional repair work needed (missing glass, wood repairs, more detailed touch-up, upholstery etc.) would be extra and not included in the standard commission rate. Stenella Antiques & Interiors can also front shipping costs so the seller does not have to pay any additional monies prior to sale, the cost for these services can be deducted from the seller's account once items are sold. Seller/s would be notified of any additional charges, which would be estimated prior to being billed.

Stenella Antiques & Interiors will always try to offer items in their best possible, ready for home use condition, to ensure the greatest fair market price. Upon request, we can provide a rough estimate of approximate values that a seller can expect to have their items listed and sold for. Prices are usually listed for several weeks and slightly lowered until actual sale price is met by the buyer. Because many items are offered for auction, the start price is only that and higher prices can be realized through the bidding process. From many years of expertise and selling in the furniture business, Stenella Antiques & Interiors is very up to date and in touch with today's values of the goods offered. We strive to obtain the best results for our sellers, while offering fine customer service, shipping and additional services for our buyers.

If you wish to proceed with selling your items via consignment, please let us know and we can mail you a consignment contract and arrange for pickup or drop-off of your items. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to service you liquidating needs.

Standard Consigning Procedure:

  • Email photos of prospective items to
  • tems will be confirmed salable and consignable
  • Consignment contract will be mailed out to be returned itemizing each item
  • Shipping or drop-off arrangements made (shipping charges may be charged)
  • Items will be cleaned and detailed, photographed and displayed in our showrooms or warehouse
  • Items get listed for sale - purchases can be made on eBay, over the phone or from either of our retail showroom locations
  • Sale is made, payment is processed and shipping is arranged
  • Consignor settlement check is mailed out on monthly basis (30 days after payments received)

Contact us today with a list and pictures of items you are looking to sell and one of consigning agents will get in touch you.

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