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Stenella Antiques offers an online appraisal service for antiques, fine arts, collectibles and furniture. Our knowledgeable staff consists of accredited antique appraisers and licensed auctioneers with decades of expertise in various fields, specializing in American Furniture from the 18th-20th century. Stenella Antiques also has extensive knowledge of, and closely works with, experts in fine silver, rugs, china, pottery, mid century modern and the fine arts.

If you are interested in having one or more items appraised for fair market value, replacement value or insurance needs, contact for more information and details on having an appraisal prepared for you at a nominal fee.

Reasons for Appraisal

  • Insurance - Maintain written documentation of your inventory, whether antique or any items of value.
  • Estate Planning - Maintain written documentation of your inventory for tax purposes; Help heirs make educated decisions when liquidating.
  • Fair Market Value - Know what your items are expected to realize in today's market, whether it be through auction, retail or private market.
  • Authenticity - Have a professional inspect specific items and give a written opinion to confirm or deny authenticity and provide an estimated age and origin.

*There are many reasons to have your items appraised. It is always good to know the value of your items to be sure they are handled and maintained properly.

Many items can be appraised with online photographs. Stenella Antiques is able to prepare a professional portfolio that will help you determine true value and be recognized by insurance companies, trusts, etc. Appraisal services start at $95 for a prepared portfolio of photographed items with detailed descriptions and values. Some items need to be inspected thoroughly by a professional. Depending on the item and location, it may be necessary for the item to be brought to our facility or have one of our experts come to your location. Feel free to email us good, clear photographs and any questions. We will be glad to assist with your appraisal needs.

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If you have items to sell or consign be sure to email us for purchase estimates at no charge.

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