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The roots of Kindel begin with Charles J. Kindel and his founding of the C.J. Kindel Bedding Company in 1904. By patenting a number of convertible bed products, he firmly set the foundation of Kindel in the furniture business. In 1912 he moved the company to Grand Rapids, Michigan where it continues today to design and create some of the finest furniture in the world.

Through some fortunate acquisitions and business decisions, as well as welcoming his son to the company, Charles Kindel transitioned the business to eventually be called the Kindel Furniture Company. His son Chuck had trained in notable furniture-making companies in both Grand Rapids and England, and along with his sibling Tom, succeeded their father in leading the business.

As is true for so many storied, long-standing companies, Kindel navigated economic fluctuations, world wars, social changes, and a variety of lifestyle trends with energy and grace. Over the years, the company has preserved a stalwart commitment to traditional styles, and the hand-carving, bench-assembly, and hand-finishing that makes articles of Kindel furniture truly distinctive.

While honing their expertise in traditional American furniture designs, Kindel also has been favored with licenses from globally prestigious institutions such as the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, and the Irish Georgian Society, Varney & Sons Collection which includes the Dorothy Draper Collection, and Mount Vernon. The collections Kindel has reproduced from these venerable originals are line-for-line copies using the same primary and secondary materials.

Widely heralded for the importance of its collection, Winterthur's Reproduction Program focuses on furniture from 1740 to 1815, considered "The Golden Age of American Design." Kindel Furniture has reproduced these fine antiques since 1980, including some of the most sophisticated Philadelphia and Newport pieces in the Winterthur collection. In 1986, The National Trust for Historic Preservation embarked on a Reproduction Program to include what is considered some of the finest pieces in its collection. Looking for the highest standard in quality, the Kindel Furniture Company was licensed to produce a limited number of each selected piece in the Reproduction Program. The furniture chosen came from National Trust properties including Cliveden, Oatlands, Wilson House, Woodlawn, and Belle Grove Plantation. Licensed by the Irish Georgian Society in 1984, Kindel furniture reproductions for this program include more than twenty "best-of-kind" examples.

Entering the 1960s, the Kindel family era was drawing to a close. The company was purchased by another renowned American business family, the Fisher family of Muncie, Indiana. John W. Fisher has served as the chairman of the Ball Corporation, and now he and his son - James Fisher - continue to own and lead Kindel into an increasingly promising future.

Stenella says: Today Kindel is one of the most recognized American furniture companies among customers in the high end furniture market. Their attention to detail, complex finishing process and great designs make certain that owners will cherish and keep their fine furniture for years to come. The Winterthur, Irish Georgian and 18th Century Collections offer traditional style and museum reproduction items that are very collectible and sought after. Many of these items will continue to appreciate in value for years to come. There are many Kindel pieces that have substantially increased in value due to the fact that they were made in limited production or were later discontinued. These pieces have timeless designs and their quality and attention to detail is far superior than just about any other furniture being reproduced today. Specific pieces by Kindel can be classified as investment grade furniture and truly are pieces of art that are not only functional, retain their value, but are sure to be admired in your home.

Brand new Kindel furniture is at the upper end of the market and for good reason. They make one of the finest products produced in the US today and are not a company that looks to cut quality as a way to cut costs. Used Kindel furniture is a great opportunity to purchase some great heirloom pieces at a fraction of their original retail cost. Stenella Antiques actively seeks out fine Kindel items. If you have any used Kindel furniture that you are in the market to sell, be sure to contact us for details on outright purchase or consignment. Stenella Antiques is regularly seeking items from Kindel's Winterthur, Irish Georgian and 18th century lines. We also purchase other pieces that they have produced, so don't hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you.

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